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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pin It, Make It Monday #3

Before I start, can you just take a second and look at my baby?
Yes, this is my youngest.
When the Heck did she grow up?!
If you need me I'll be in a dark corner crying.

Just a side note: She is currently the only member of the family to be stylin' in coloured jeans. I'm holding out for the perfect mint pair.

(also I can't wait to re-read that sentence in a couple years and 
die of shame)
Now back to the regularly scheduled  post.....

Leather couches + cute sparkly bum pocket jeans =


Silly rhinestones.

My mom originally pinned this one with me in mind.

It literally takes 2 minutes to do!

One tin of dark brown show polish, an old rag and a soft, clean cloth.

Rub your couch with the shoe polish and let it dry.

It'll look dull when it's completely dry.

Now buff to a nice shine with your soft cloth.
That's it!

My couch looks almost brand new.

And I get to keep my sparkly cute jeans!