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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pin It, Make It Monday #3

Before I start, can you just take a second and look at my baby?
Yes, this is my youngest.
When the Heck did she grow up?!
If you need me I'll be in a dark corner crying.

Just a side note: She is currently the only member of the family to be stylin' in coloured jeans. I'm holding out for the perfect mint pair.

(also I can't wait to re-read that sentence in a couple years and 
die of shame)
Now back to the regularly scheduled  post.....

Leather couches + cute sparkly bum pocket jeans =


Silly rhinestones.

My mom originally pinned this one with me in mind.

It literally takes 2 minutes to do!

One tin of dark brown show polish, an old rag and a soft, clean cloth.

Rub your couch with the shoe polish and let it dry.

It'll look dull when it's completely dry.

Now buff to a nice shine with your soft cloth.
That's it!

My couch looks almost brand new.

And I get to keep my sparkly cute jeans!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Second Annual Birthday Theme Contest

Hi all!

It's that time of year again!!

I'm already making plans for my birthday.

Yes, it is still 3 months away.

Yes, I plan my own birthday party.

And yes, the winner will receive a prize.

This years party is on a Saturday night! Yay! Much better than a Tuesday, right?!

I've been searching and searching for themes and ideas for this years shindig and having no luck!

The problem is I want to have a co-ed party, but I'm always thinking that the men hate dressing up or doing costumes etc etc.

Sucks to be them ;)

I'm also looking into Derby themes but not a whole lot is coming up other than the Kentucky Derby. We have track about 20 min away, which is doable...Limo ride..??

What do you guys think??

As far as prizes go...Lets see...

For the person whose idea/theme I pick will receive a $10.00 Shutterfly gift card.

Try to include as much detail as possible to your suggestions:)

It will be hard to top it!

But this is my 8 year anniversary of my 21st birthday after all.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pin It, Make It Monday #2

Sorry this is so late in getting posted.

I have been at the dentist since 8 getting my face frozen cavities filled.

I love the dentist.

You know what I love for real though?

Vietnamese food.

SO good!

I've had these rice papers in my pantry for forever and 
and knew it was meant to be!

 Soaking the wrappers...


 Here's my little baby, all wrapped up!

I substituted the shrimp for ground beef seasoned with ginger and garlic and hoisin sauce. 
It was gooooood.

And can I just tell you that this dippin' sauce is THE sauce!
It's the sauce I always want to make but fall short of perfect.
My only substitution was to omit the diced jalapenos.
I had none so I used some Sambal Olek instead.

You need to make these!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The First Pin It, Make It Monday!!

I was a little nervous about what pin I should try and do this weekend.

I wanted it to be a big one.

Yet do-able.

I think I found one that anyone can do!

I'm in love with subway art.
I know its not the newest trend on the blogging block, but it hasn't stopped popping up on Pinterest!

I'm waaaaaay to cheap to buy one, and I wanted mine to be special as well.

On Pinterest I came a cross this girls blog.

She's awesome!!
Her blog made me want to do E-V-E-R-Y project she's made.

She's just that awesome.

And frugal.

I like frugal.

So here's my first attempt.

Every place that Ben and I have been to together.

 I know it's not your normal white on black, but that didn't really go with our bedroom anyways.

 I also really like the clean, crisp-ness of the aqua on white.

And this is just a little snap of us.
I hope you enjoyed the first Pin It, Make It Monday. 

I know I felt very productive in actually doing something with my pins!

Don't forget to Check out Becca's Blog, for detailed instructions for making your own subway art!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pin it, Make it.

If you're on Pinterest then you already know how addictive it can be.

It's bad people.

Like, Intervention, bad.

But sometimes really great things come out it.
Great meals, genius tips to solve everyday problems, and of course party ideas!

I'm guilty though, of pinning and not doing.

Now I'm going to try and make something at least once a week that I've pinned.

Here's a heart photo prop I made after seeing it on Pinterest.

CLICK HERE To see the original idea

Whether it's a meal, a craft or whatever! I'm just going to do it! 
And on Mondays I'll post what I've done.

If any of you do one thing too, share it with me!

Back to Pinterest!

See you Monday!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Living Room Blues

I don't know about you guys, but I'm SOOOOOOOO ready for spring.

Seeing as I live in Alberta, I'm know I'm going to have to wait another 2 months.
That doesn't stop me from feeling the spring vibe!
I want light turquoise pants!
I want to plant a garden!
I want to paint every room in the house!!

Probably can't get away with the first two, but I'm on the hunt for the perfect hue for our open concept living/dining/kitchen area.
The same neutral tan colour is making me feel Blah.

I went to the paint store this afternoon and found a few that I like. I'm pretty much leaning towards 19 different shades of the same pale blue-green colour.
Now I just need to narrow it down to something bright, but not cold, light enough that it will not turn my cabinets a pinky hue, and warm enough that it will still match my existing furniture, drapes, hardwood etc.

Here are the colours I'm 'feelin', in no particular order:
1. Titanium, 2141-60, Benjamin Moore

2. Crystalline, AF-485, Aura 

3. Moonshine, 2140-60, BM
4. Green Tint, 2139-60, BM
5. Stonington Gray, HC-170, BM

 This a old pic of the dining area, but the colour is still the same, Wilmington Tan from BM.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Office Re-Vamp! A Surprise for My Mom (& Dad)

This has been a long time coming to you guys.
Since Christmas.
Part of the reason I wasn't blogging (even though I had a crap-load of stuff to show you) was that everything I was making and planning was for my parents office.
Ben, and my brother Caleb and I decided to surprise my mom with a fancy-schmancy new office.
And by that I mean, I decided.
We had about three days to complete, so I started planning in October.
Biggest inspiration was my parents love for Restoration Hardware.
Which, coincidentally made it easy on the budget.
My parents have been collecting old stuff forever, I ended up using stuff they already had.
Along with a few trips to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, we were in business!

Alright, enough chatter!
Here are the before pics!!

Pretty red right?
Pretty dark right?

Just and FYI, all these pictures were taken with my iphone :( 
Sorry for the poor quality and lack of editing!

Here's the reveal!
It happened on New Years Eve, Ben and I were at the Keg for a dinner party and Caleb had left for work out of town.
Mom and dad had just driven home (some 10 hours) from Summerland.
And walked into a room with a big bow on the door!

  Ben put up 1x8" cedar boards on the ceiling to look like exposed beams.
And I made a 'birdcage chandelier' out of wire hanging baskets and an old chandelier from Habitat for humanity.

My moms favourite part in Pride & Prejudice, hand written on a new lampshade.

Before pic of the old couch...

Waaa-lllaaaaa! 'New' couch!

I know you can't really see it, but the black framed picture is one that my mom has had for years. It's a pic taken by the Vancouver Sun back in the 1960's of her with Pierre Trudeau.
It's just such a fabulous picture that really captures the era.
It needed to be on display!

Next to it is a pair of vintage boxing gloves, stuffed with horse hair.
My had has two pairs that he used to box with his brothers when they were kids.

Salvaged galvanized shelving from habitat for Humanity ($2)
As well as a desk Ben made from an old steel door.

The paint color I picked was from Cloverdale.
I'll link up to my Pinterest board here so you can see where I got some of my ideas.
 Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giselle Turns TWO!

Now there's going to be mostly pictures on this post, which I'm hoping you'll be OK with. 
Considering I have hardly posted I figure you'll be glad I put anything up!
Giselle turned two yesterday and we had a little party for her with her and Venice's friends and family.
I did an aqua & pink party after seeing one on Kara's Party Ideas.
I fell in love with the colors and turned out Dollarama had a ton of stuff in those colors.
It was truly meant to be!

I already had the large star, my mom found this adorable little hutch at an antique store in town for a steal.
I'm pretty sure we spent more money on paint than on the actual hutch.
But it turned out great!

My little bug!

Ben, with baby Samuel. Snug as a bug!

Pretty party girl, Lexie!


The adult cake. Cherry vanilla cake with coconut Swiss buttercream.
You can find the recipe HERE.
The only changes I made were:
1: I didn't have clear vanilla for the frosting so I used coconut extract
2: I didn't have a 7" pan, I had a 6" and used that
3: I'm not a frosting ninja like Heather, so I piped the roses instead of making it flat.

I found those edible mini stars at Micheal's and sprinkled them over the cake after I dusted it with Baby Green Disco Dust.

One happy birthday girl!

I just love the looks when Ben lit the sparkler!

Just hanging out, waiting patiently for cake.
Luke, Lexie, Kache, Venice and Katie.

Haaaappy Birthdaaaaaay tooooo yoooouuuuu...

Lexie, Venice and Kache, looking like they're up to no good!

That cotton candy is a messy thing!

I used pear nectar bottles from Walmart (came in a 6 pack for $2) and glued
crafting jewels and pearls from Dollarama.
The paper straws I ordered from
For all you Canadians that are having difficulty finding paper straws and party supplies,
Joy, from Greenmunch is out of Sherwood Park, Alberta!
You NEED to check out her site, she has great stuff and great shipping prices!
If you love mason jars check this out

Cotton Candy cupcakes from Bakingdom

Giselle's falling star. I'm in love with fringed streamers.
After I found these from Oh Happy Day
She's in Paris and wearing the Cutest striped socks. Ever.
Whats not to love?!
That and the fact that Dollarama had full sized crepe paper in my party colors.

Cherry and Blue Raspberry Popcorn

It was so much fun having everyone together to party with Giselle!
She was spoiled!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and it feels good to be back!
If you have thrown a party and made some awesome stuff, I'd love to start featuring some here.
Email me you pictures and a write up of what you did etc.
I look forward to seeing your creations and featuring you here!