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I am fortunate enough to have my dream job of staying at home with my two beautiful daughters. I've been happily married for 6 years and counting! I am a lover of all things french, all things pink, and anything that sparkles. Serioulsy, my husband calls me a crow. I love baking, crafting and throwing big parties, especially if they have a theme. Right now, I'm in love Pinterest. My Hero is Heather from Sprinkle Bakes and my mom.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Distractions = Glee, Felting & The Eiffel Tower

Lately these days I find myself mildly distracted from the everyday, ordinary tasks that keep life flowing smoothly. Things like, unpacking suitcases (8 days and counting), vacuuming, baking, etc. What are these things that are distracting me?

Well.... Where to start? OK, Glee. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I now have in my possession, season one of Glee. I've had this 4 disc set for about 4 weeks now. I have been putting off watching it because of it's musical-ness. How do I feel about musicals? I fast-forwarded through every song in Mama Mia. And I like ABBA! But much to my surprise, I found myself up till one in the morning, curled up with my laptop, ear buds in ear (as to not wake my husband), physically unable to press stop. So now I find myself sneaking every possible moment to finish the season. This is just distraction number 1, wait till you find out about the others. I am hanging my head in shame as I type.

Now, distraction number 2. Felting. Yes, I craft and I'm proud of it! I don't wear kitty vests and my craft room is NOT filled with teddy bears. But I have been found lately perusing second hand stores for the perfect shrunken wool sweater (one mans trash...) or vintage pillow cases.
But mostly its the wool sweaters. I have made an owl hat, (thanks to the craft section of Martha Stewart's website) mittens with owls on them, mittens with birds on them and a baby sling out of vintage fabric. I'm pretty sure this is only the beginning. And I'm pretty sure OCD runs in the family.

Distraction number 3. Now this is a new one, not to say that the thought is new. Actually I've been thinking about this one for a few months now, ever since my mom decided that her annual Garden Party would be a french theme (menu wise) and that my bestie, Christie, and I would be in charge of decorations. So, I have this ladder....No I know what you're thinking, that this possibly could not be going in a good direction, but read on, Oh-Ye-Of-Little-Faith-ers!
I proposed to my husband to let me spray paint our 18 ft neon yellow ladder, black. Much to my surprise, there were no objections! YAY for having an awesome man! Next, string up a few (or a dozen) strands of mini twinkle lights on said, soon to be painted ladder. And VOILA! a 18 ft, twinkle lit, Tour de Eiffel!
Now this hasn't actually happened yet, but this is how it goes in my head. So we'll see. I'll post pics of the final result. But for now, here are a few of the 2008 Garden Party.
Mussels, yum. French bread, yummier. Puff pastry wrapped Baked Brie, Yummiest!
Finger lickin' good!
I can't take credit for these decorations, my amazing mom created this outdoor, mediteranean oasis in her backyard gazebo, as well as create a culinary success, consisting of 6 courses!

I guess that this blog would also count as a distraction..
No more distractions today. Back to the girls and housekeeping, but those suitcases are going to have to wait.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That Birthday Party I Mentioned.

As I sit down with my Sugar-Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Full Fat Latte (yeah, I said full fat, my mom read Good Calories, Bad Calories. So I'm covered.) I realized with an overwhelming sense of dread that I'm forgetting to do something very important. Then it hits me! Finish those last two holy-snapping-delicious, glazed, nectar of life, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, that are left over from our trip to the states...3 days ago. They're probably stale, but nothing a trademarked 8 seconds can't cure! No, no, I can't. I had two last night and woke up with a sugar headache, stronger than a couple of glasses of vino in the hot tub can conjure up. So here I sit making idle hands well...un-idle (?)
So I decided to post some of the aforementioned birthday party.

Here is a sweet, VV Boutique find, $2 alarm clock, and some old tea cups and saucers I crazy glued together. Freaking out any woman past the age of 50. I made the top cup into a candle, making the bone china glow.

The dinner table, set up in the mad hatter style, with mismatched china, napkins and silverware. table cloths were an old curtain panel from Pier 1 and a vintage lace table cloth, from the linen closet of my mom.

And last but not least...The cake that never got eaten. Nothing But A Deck of Cards Cake.
A chocolate cake, with marshmallow fondant. Fondant playing cards overlaid with sugar transfers. Silk white roses, painted red adorned the first layer.

Well, my doughnut craving seems to have waned. You're welcome thighs :)

Summer's Almost Over...

Well, August is almost over and fall seems to be creeping around every corner, just waiting to jump out and say 'BOO!'
With September approaching, I'm preparing myself for Venice's first day of pre-school. I'm excited, but it may be a serious case of the Denials. I know she'll have a blast making friends and learning new things and always being busy, but part of me knows that this will open up whole new world for her. I like being her best friend and concert audience and tea party guest. We'll still have special times together, but I just know that it all begins to change as everyday she gets older and more her own person. I guess this is why people keep having babies(?) :)

So Giselle will have me all to herself. Now that I'm aware of how fast time really is flying, I will try my best to soak up this baby time. With her already 6 months old (where the heck did that time go?!) I feel like I'm scrambling to catch up! Baby pics done...nope. Scrapbook pages...nope. AAHHHHH! Now is the time to panic! Especially as a fleeting (and ridiculous) thought passed through my cobwebby brain this morning, "maybe I should start getting ideas together for her 1st birthday?" Not going to happen today. I started planning my birthday party 3 months in adavance, and that time went by crazy fast. So if I put off the birthday plans, maybe it won't get here as quickly.