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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall and Cupcakes

Yay! Fall is here! Well, maybe not officially, but it's here in my mind and in our house. Yesterday, Venice and I mad homemade Cranberry Cider and the house smelled AMAZING!
So I decided, with the first Friendship Factor, a women's coffee time (child care provided, WOOHOO!), starting up again on Wednesday at church,  some cider jars would be just the thing to show my appreciation for the committee of women that dedicate precious time to organizing and planning a years worth of Wednesdays.

Just some mini-mason jars from the local dollarstore, 1/3 filled with brown sugar, some cinnamon sticks and a cheesecloth pillow filled with spices. Add this to 6 cups of cranberry juice or apple juice, simmer & serve. Delish!

This morning, with Venice at school, and Giselle having an amazing nap, I decided to tackle the latest recipe from Sprinkle Bakes. Coffee Chocolate Cake with Espresso Swiss Buttercream and mini donuts (insert drool here).

These are the yet-to-be-sprinkled donuts, with a dark Callebeaut glaze. They're delectable by themselves, but they know they have a higher be cupcake toppers!

Here's the most luscious cake batter I've ever made. Truth be told I usually use the boxed kind (GASP) but there's a lack of time sometimes, forgive me. 

Now these puppies are something else. I'd tasted the batter by itself, and the donuts by themselves, and the frosting by itself, and they were all good. Nothing though, could have prepared me for what it would taste like all together! WOWZERS!!! There really isn't words to describe the flavor combination. You're just going to have to try them. Or come to Friendship Factor ;)

I also have to post that this book has been the reason I haven't returned phone calls, emails and texts. I have already watched the movie and know the plot and ending but I still can't put it down. Thank goodness for synchronized naps! As you can see I'm SO close to being finished (hold your horses mom, it's yours tomorrow), it's almost killing me to be doing this instead of finishing it!


The Alexanders said...

well worth the wait! My throat is a little sore and just hearing about the cider made it feel a little bit better! And another sprinkle bakes creation, combined with reading a book...where on earth do you find the time!

Heath said...

You almost make me happy about the weather seeing those red autumn leaves and the cider jars - too cute!!! Of course my favorite picture is Giselle baking - how did you do that?? Yea I'm ready for the book anytime!

Heather said...

Ali, you are an amazing woman!!

The cupcakes were something of a dream, and that fact that you just "whipped them up", astounds me... I'm not even a "from the box" baker... baked goods and my oven are total enemies (plus I haven't the energy to gluten and egg-free everything!).

The cider cups were so sweet and cute! You are a dear, lovely, generous girl with a heart of pure gold!! Thank you!!