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Monday, June 27, 2011

Good News and Bad News...

So good news first right? 
Isn't that what everyone wants?
Good news is, is that the Hollywood Glam Party was a major success! 
Actually, I think it was beyond a success, but I'm a little biased I think.

You're all probably thinking, "Quit tootin' your own horn already and show us some dang pictures!!".

This is the part where I get to the bad news...

There are Waterton National Park.

My brother, who took all the pictures and who was our dapper bar keep, and who was just Ah-Mazing all around, took the memory card on his hiking trip the next morning.

Oh and did I mention that he's gone for a week...


 Did you hear that sound? 

 That was a big vein in my head bursting.

Stay tuned for pictures early next week.

And if that camera with that memory card doesn't make it back I may have to do a post on how to go ninja on someone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hollywood Glam Countdown!

Well Ladies it's only 4 sleeps until the Hollywood Glam Party!!
Time to get your white strips and wonderbras on.
It's gunna be a doozy!!
I am beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to post pics!
 It's going against my nature not to post anything or talk about any of the things I've been making.
I'll try and post when I drag my sorry behind out of bed  first thing Sunday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Country Shower for Jen and Baby Samuel

 OK, same as last time, get all comfy-like, there are lots of pics.

As well, I'd like to apologize in advance for the copious amounts of flower, food and table pictures. 
I promise there actually were people at this shower.

I'd also like to apologize to my mom.
She had the pleasure of meeting pre-party Ali.
She ain't pretty.


Here we go!

Thanks to my mom for the fresh hydrangeas, hand dyed quail eggs and the most decadent truffles!! 
(oh yeah and the house cleaning...)

My second attempt at subway art. Jen got to take it home for baby Sam's room.

My latest bargain find. Vintage aqua glasses, full set of 8. 25 cents each!!! 
If you don't think I didn't YOINK those right off the shelf....

My baby, who was SO good while I was setting up.

Coffee and Frappaccino bar.

Beautiful antique blue mason jars, courtesy of my mom.

Each of the guests got to take a mini-mason jar filled with lemon blueberry seed sugar scrub.

Prettiest oreo truffles ever! It was almost hard to eat them....Almost.
Dipped in light turquoise colored chocolate and dusted with gold lustre dust.

Frozen lemon slices and key limes kept the water cool.

Vintage aqua pottery and books kept the country feel.

The food table.
And my pathetic attempt at editing.
One daylight shot and one faded antique one.
Click on the pics to make them bigger.

 So, For food we had harvest bacon on a stick, sausage in ketchup cups, belgian waffles with syrup in a cup, vanilla bean pound cake with champagne buttercream filling, oreo truffles, almond roca covered cookie dough truffles, chocolate ganache truffles and salted caramel apple coffee cake.
For drinks we had champagne mimosas, mocha frappaccinos, and of course fresh brewed coffee.


And finally, one of the guests of honor, baby Samuel with his grandma, my Auntie Val.

 Overall, I think a good time was had by all, although I don't have the pictures to prove it..... Sorry Jen!

I just have to add that my cousin Jen is like my big sister. She has lived in Vancouver for the past 10 years and finally moved back here just last year. She has 2 other kids, Katie who will be 5 in the fall and Luke, who just turned 2 this spring. 
It was just SO awesome being able to celebrate Samuel's birth with her and have all the family around, not a province away.
Love you Jen!!