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Monday, June 27, 2011

Good News and Bad News...

So good news first right? 
Isn't that what everyone wants?
Good news is, is that the Hollywood Glam Party was a major success! 
Actually, I think it was beyond a success, but I'm a little biased I think.

You're all probably thinking, "Quit tootin' your own horn already and show us some dang pictures!!".

This is the part where I get to the bad news...

There are Waterton National Park.

My brother, who took all the pictures and who was our dapper bar keep, and who was just Ah-Mazing all around, took the memory card on his hiking trip the next morning.

Oh and did I mention that he's gone for a week...


 Did you hear that sound? 

 That was a big vein in my head bursting.

Stay tuned for pictures early next week.

And if that camera with that memory card doesn't make it back I may have to do a post on how to go ninja on someone.


Heath said...

Hahaha I can't think of a worse thing for my little sanguine!
Longest week of your life!

The Alexanders said...

HA! Well it is already monday night...or maybe more like it is ONLY monday night...I can't wait to see the pics, it was an AMAZING night, and you are an AMAZING gal!

The Radke's said...

I love your complaining... oops I meant commentaries! They always make me laugh. I do understand though I would feel the same way. Oh, and yes I agree it was even better than just a success. Thanks again for inviting me. When do we get to play dress up again?

Rachel said...

Hee hee...can't wait to see the pics! Although it would also be fun to see you go ninja on someone! :)

Kelsey said...

Well more good news is that it's already Thursday and the long weekend will go by fast (never actually looked forward to that before!) and even MORE good news is that it's your birthday today!!! Have the BEST day! Pictures will just be a belated present!!