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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That Birthday Party I Mentioned.

As I sit down with my Sugar-Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Full Fat Latte (yeah, I said full fat, my mom read Good Calories, Bad Calories. So I'm covered.) I realized with an overwhelming sense of dread that I'm forgetting to do something very important. Then it hits me! Finish those last two holy-snapping-delicious, glazed, nectar of life, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, that are left over from our trip to the states...3 days ago. They're probably stale, but nothing a trademarked 8 seconds can't cure! No, no, I can't. I had two last night and woke up with a sugar headache, stronger than a couple of glasses of vino in the hot tub can conjure up. So here I sit making idle hands well...un-idle (?)
So I decided to post some of the aforementioned birthday party.

Here is a sweet, VV Boutique find, $2 alarm clock, and some old tea cups and saucers I crazy glued together. Freaking out any woman past the age of 50. I made the top cup into a candle, making the bone china glow.

The dinner table, set up in the mad hatter style, with mismatched china, napkins and silverware. table cloths were an old curtain panel from Pier 1 and a vintage lace table cloth, from the linen closet of my mom.

And last but not least...The cake that never got eaten. Nothing But A Deck of Cards Cake.
A chocolate cake, with marshmallow fondant. Fondant playing cards overlaid with sugar transfers. Silk white roses, painted red adorned the first layer.

Well, my doughnut craving seems to have waned. You're welcome thighs :)


Heath said...

loved your party pictures! Keep going with this, it's fun to read!

Rachel said...

I read Good Calories, Bad Calories, too! FULL FAT all the way!!! :)

Rachel in Taiwan