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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer's Almost Over...

Well, August is almost over and fall seems to be creeping around every corner, just waiting to jump out and say 'BOO!'
With September approaching, I'm preparing myself for Venice's first day of pre-school. I'm excited, but it may be a serious case of the Denials. I know she'll have a blast making friends and learning new things and always being busy, but part of me knows that this will open up whole new world for her. I like being her best friend and concert audience and tea party guest. We'll still have special times together, but I just know that it all begins to change as everyday she gets older and more her own person. I guess this is why people keep having babies(?) :)

So Giselle will have me all to herself. Now that I'm aware of how fast time really is flying, I will try my best to soak up this baby time. With her already 6 months old (where the heck did that time go?!) I feel like I'm scrambling to catch up! Baby pics done...nope. Scrapbook pages...nope. AAHHHHH! Now is the time to panic! Especially as a fleeting (and ridiculous) thought passed through my cobwebby brain this morning, "maybe I should start getting ideas together for her 1st birthday?" Not going to happen today. I started planning my birthday party 3 months in adavance, and that time went by crazy fast. So if I put off the birthday plans, maybe it won't get here as quickly.

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