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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better Late than Never

So here I am slicing my bananas for banana brownie bites and have 25-30 minutes to kill while they're roasting.....what to do, what to do? Tree's all packed up, my room looks like someone dropped and A-bomb on it (that's an Ali bomb, you know), but I think I will do a Christmas post!

Christmas this year has been busy, with us on the move to a different house every day, for 3 days straight, not long journeys in between, but with 2 little ones and a crap load of toys it begins to wear on you.  We went to the Christmas Eve church service with my parents and had our annual Chinese take out dinner. We opened presents and got into our new Christmas PJ's. 

My mom and dad with the girls.

Giselle looking very excited about something...there must have been paper being torn.

Now, look closely at this one...I pretty sure only another mom could decode the look on my face.

The boys, looking at some gifts. Smile, Caleb.

Showing off my Pink shirt! 
I have been told that I am really hard to buy for, and I think that I'm the easiest person to shop for. I like things that sparkle. So I ended up getting the pink sparkly shirt from Ben, and my mom who took me literally got the me Martha Stewart Glitter set. (which the very next day I did the glitter pedicure that Stacey found online!)
I told them, easiest person to buy for, ever!

Christmas morning we stayed home and opened up our gifts to each other and the gifts from Santa.

Venice had a BIG present from Santa!

And then she just stared at it...

Giselle lovin' that Glo-worm!

Ben opening up his present from Santa (looking pretty pleased if I do day say so).

A new sledding Jacket!
But wait...there's more...

I just love the look on his face, "WHAT?!"
Yup, an avalanche airbag. 

After we opened presents and had a quick bite, we headed out to Ben's parents for more presents and a great turkey dinner.
Boxing Day we went back to my parents house for a champagne brunch, complete with perfectly poached eggs benedict. It was so nice not to have more than one turkey dinner.

Now you know how we spent our holiday and  I really should get back to my banana brownies.
I'd love to hear how all of your holidays were!

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Heath said...

It was a great Christmas....let's do it again next year, okay?!
I love these posts, thanks for keeping these memories for me when I get REALLY old! I will need a book please! :)