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Thursday, January 27, 2011

FYI: Wilton Drink Sparkles...

Hi, I don't know you, but if you've recently Googled Wilton Drink Sparkles, you may have been led to my blog. I will explain why.
I first did a blog entry sometime in October of 2010, exclaiming my new found love of Wilton Drink Sparkles (which will now be shortened to WDS mostly because I think its cool when people do that on their blogs) and how I could not believe that something so amazing and revolutionary in the dinner party/entertaining world could be so limited and also the holiday that they limited it to was HALLOWEEN! One of the traditionally least sparkly holidays. 
I had then of course made a trip back to Michael's looking for more but alas they were sold out (of course, who doesn't want a sparkly drink?!) followed by many minutes on line looking for ebay sellers who had hoarded the WDS, apparently there are none, I'm the only one with this brilliant idea.
So back to Michael's to see if they had an alternative, like say, the Wilton pearl dust. The clerk said no, it would just dissolve in the drink.
Which brings us, dear readers, to today. While preparing for a cupcake bake with my girl and fellow blogger, Stacey, I was assembling all my sparkles and sprinkles trying to decide what to use, as well as my teeny, tiny stash of leftover WDS to take to a birthday party. Just curious, I thought I'd try out the Wilton Pearl Dust, most commonly used for fondant and gum paste decorations, seeing as how it looks suspiciously like the WDS (see now why I'm abbreviating?).

 LOW AND BEHOLD!!! It's a miracle!! They are one and the same!!

I'm wondering now how many of you fellow sparkle lovers are getting your pearl dust out and a glass of water to test out my exclamations of sparkle joy?!
The tiniest pinch in a half glass of water will allow you to enjoy suspended sparkles! And the best part of this is that the pearl dust will work in any color drink and any kind of drink, carbonated or flat!
 There you have it, not the most exciting news today, to some, and I apologize if you have stumbled upon this sparkle blog entry looking for something deep... It's not here, not today.
Also I'd like you to know that there is more to me than my love of sparkles. I am deep, I read thick books and have a small library that smells of rich mahogany....No I don't but I am deeper than sparkles.

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The Alexanders said...

YAY!!! YIPEE!!! HAPPY DAY!!!! Oh sparkles how I love you! You totally made my day with that legendary phone call..I will never forget that moment! I am just sorry I couldn't keep you on the line when I sprinkled them in my cup of water, swirled, and gasped!! One of the top "sparkle" moments in my life! hahaha