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Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Minute Getaway!

The most common reaction that we received after telling people that we were going to Jamaica in 3 days was.... Silence. Followed by alot of "Wow, that's brave.." Translation- Stoopid. Not just Stupid, but stupid with 2 O's. There is a difference, look it up.

It was a last minute trip obviously, and the girls were awesome at the resort, which was just a touch less than awesome, but that didn't matter, the girls were great and we had fun together!

The view from our balcony.

The looking South-ish.

Venice just loving the sun and sand!

One tired little bug!

Out for a walk with daddy and the girls, waiting for the waterslide and hot tubs to open.

Some intense crawling going on here.

Our twice daily walk down the beach to put Giselle asleep. 
PS. It never failed!

Venice doing the breast-stroke. We really need to get her into some swimming lessons, like, now. She could be the next Olympic champion!


Picture of a picture, so it's a little faded :( But a great family picture if I do say so myself!


The Alexanders said...

Love the family picture, Love the post! Looks like you had a great time. I think my fav picture may just be the determined little baby G crawling her little heart out!

Heath said...

As hard as it can be sometimes to travel with little ones, in the end, it becomes part of a beautiful weave, just one more thread in a family's life. Pretty philosophical for this early in the morning!!
Translation: Whatever you're doing...keep it up!!

Ali said...

Hahaha I thought you wanted us to stay put for a while;)

Heath said...

I DO!! but now that your back I can say that!

Christie said...

ADORABLE pics lady! Nothing stoopid (haha by the way) about being brave and taking the kids on vaca! Looks like a fun time!

PS awesome swimming Venice!!!

Karyn said...

Love it! Well you know you can count on me to support your fantastic adventures! I will never tell you it's stoopid! Okay, well unless it really is, like, "hey we're going to Afghanistan for a little getaway!" Only then I might have other choice words! :) What resort did you end up at? We're looking at going somewhere in the Caribbean after ski season, but haven't figured out where yet. LOVE the pics! So happy for you. You are such an amazing mom!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view! That silence you heard was probably just people wishing it was them. ;-) Found you through Stacey @ I Wish I Was Martha.