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Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally!!! Hollywood Glam Birthday!!

 You just don't even know how excited I am right now!

I can hardly type.

After a looooong wait, and a brief memory card/unreadable file/aneurysm moment, I can now present to you some fabulous pictures from my fabulous 1940's Hollywood Glam Birthday party!


From the left, Val, Gail, Jody, Heather, Barb, Me, Jenna, Jen, Emily, Christie, Stacey, Jen, Kelsey, Ang, Steph

All my dames, looking glam!

Feature cocktail.

Welcome drinks to the first to arrive.

Bubbly! With drink sparkles of course!

My hair, with vintage brooch.

Every guest got to autograph their own star for the wall of fame!

From the left, Stacey, Kelsey, Christie, Me, Emily with our stars.
Where's Ben when you need him?! We were all ready to stamp our hands in cement!

Black and white cupcakes, with nutella whipped cream filling, chocolate hazelnut buttercream, sprayed with edible gold paint and a dusting of gold disco dust.

Which I will do a post for, I promise!

I had printed up ballots with 6 categories for the costume contest.
Best dressed, best hair, best hat, best makeup, sexiest outfit, and most authentic.
Prizes were an old fashioned note book, vintage style half aprons and a gold, multi-chained and jewelled necklace.

Tiramisu mousse on chocolate spoons, thanks Mom!
Bacon wrapped water chestnuts, SO good! Thanks to my sis Christie for the recipe!

Behind us is the Marquee sign that Ben and I made together.
And by together I mean I dreamed it up, sketched a pic, order the lights and handed it all over.
We make a great team!

There 4 dozen roses spread out in clusters to add to the drama of the night.
Thanks to my mama.

We had two little stars at the party. My cousin Jen with her baby boy, Samuel and my sister-in-law Stephanie, with her baby girl, Amelia!
Both were SO good!

Jen had her moms wedding gloves! I love authentic vintage.

A beautiful shot of my beautiful mom, who was voted best dressed for the night!

I just love this shot! 
Kelsey looks like an Audrey Hepburn!

Barb and my mom, sittin' pretty at the bar.

Kelsey and Stacey made faux cigarette holders from chopsticks, paint, white out and glitter.
They looked so real!

Jen with her mom Gail (left) and MIL Val (right).

I just loved these gold chandeliers! They changed the whole look of the basement. For less than $5 a piece!

Blow pop jelly shots, from JSTK. Love her!

Red carpet pose!

Party in full swing, and a shot of the caviar canapes and the shrimp cocktail appetizer that the waitress' passed around on silver platters.

Bartender/photographer/best big brother in the world, Caleb, with my girl Jenna!

Work it girls!!

Meatball lovers Unite!

Ang, Christie, Emily, Kelsey, Me and Stac trying to look all 1940's and serious.
 Just had to be done in B&W for the full effect.

Each guest got to go with SWAG bags of course! 
It wouldn't be Hollywood with out one right?!
Each bag came with a bath bomb, Rose scented and full of glitter. A Mac eyeshadow or pigment, a Dior or Mac Lipgloss and a pair of vintage clip on earrings.

Steph and Ang, who had great dresses!
 Steph's was her grandmas and Ang's was a vintage reproduction from a vintage website.
Both look gorgeous, sporting the red lips!

To say that the night was amazing just doesn't even come close to describing how I felt about it!
I couldn't believe how much thought and effort everyone put into their outfits and accessories!
Everyone was dressed to the nines and played the part. 
We all got to be red carpet, silver screen stars for a night and it was just an unforgettable night!

A huge thanks to my big brother who was such a great sport! He took all the pictures, bartended, dishwashed and just added another great element to the night.

A big thank you to all my Dame's who came and celebrated and went all out!
You ladies made my day!


Kelsey said...

oh my goodness, they're amazing!!! what a fabulous night, I'm going to go look through again!!!

Heath said...

Whoohoo!!Everyone at work will be happy to finally see the pictures! Too bad you can't have music playing on a blog as that adds so much. Can I get your playlist?? So much fun and as always the pictures while great just never seem to do the evening justice. Xoxox daaaarling!!

Anonymous said...

This party was AMAZING! I'm going to put it out there and say the best so far! Ali you continue to WOW the pants off of me! SUCH a fun time! Thanks again. Pics are awesome..but like I figgered...still don't do it justice..yes its possible people!!


The Alexanders said...

As I was reading through I kept thinking, how as amazing as the pics are, they don't do justice to the party itself...then I read the comments that are already there and obviously I am not the only one thinking that :) Amazing party, thrown by and for, and even more amazing girl!

tegan.holt said...

Well the pitures were well worth the wait Ali! This is gorgeous!!
Happy belated birthday to you!

Rachel said...

INCREDIBLE party! Looks like a ton of fun...LOVE the cupcakes, too! Thanks for posting so many great pics! :)

Josh said...

Where did you get those gold chandeliers? I'm working on a old hollywood glam engagement party for my best friend right now and am totally inspired by your pics.

Ali said...

Hi Josh, Thanks for your kind words! You can find them at for about $8. I have pendant lights over the wet bar so I just pulled the lights through the hoop of the chandelier and tacked it into the ceiling.
They are called 3 tier shimmer chandeliers.
Good luck with the party! I'd love to see some pics!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!!! How did you make the backdrop?

mark lawrence said...

Wow, this is marvelous Hollywood Glam Birthday! The details made me excited for my sister’s 16th birthday bash that I am going to host this year at an indoor event space NYC. I think this theme is just perfect for the bash. I will also make a blog post of this party.