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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giselle Turns TWO!

Now there's going to be mostly pictures on this post, which I'm hoping you'll be OK with. 
Considering I have hardly posted I figure you'll be glad I put anything up!
Giselle turned two yesterday and we had a little party for her with her and Venice's friends and family.
I did an aqua & pink party after seeing one on Kara's Party Ideas.
I fell in love with the colors and turned out Dollarama had a ton of stuff in those colors.
It was truly meant to be!

I already had the large star, my mom found this adorable little hutch at an antique store in town for a steal.
I'm pretty sure we spent more money on paint than on the actual hutch.
But it turned out great!

My little bug!

Ben, with baby Samuel. Snug as a bug!

Pretty party girl, Lexie!


The adult cake. Cherry vanilla cake with coconut Swiss buttercream.
You can find the recipe HERE.
The only changes I made were:
1: I didn't have clear vanilla for the frosting so I used coconut extract
2: I didn't have a 7" pan, I had a 6" and used that
3: I'm not a frosting ninja like Heather, so I piped the roses instead of making it flat.

I found those edible mini stars at Micheal's and sprinkled them over the cake after I dusted it with Baby Green Disco Dust.

One happy birthday girl!

I just love the looks when Ben lit the sparkler!

Just hanging out, waiting patiently for cake.
Luke, Lexie, Kache, Venice and Katie.

Haaaappy Birthdaaaaaay tooooo yoooouuuuu...

Lexie, Venice and Kache, looking like they're up to no good!

That cotton candy is a messy thing!

I used pear nectar bottles from Walmart (came in a 6 pack for $2) and glued
crafting jewels and pearls from Dollarama.
The paper straws I ordered from
For all you Canadians that are having difficulty finding paper straws and party supplies,
Joy, from Greenmunch is out of Sherwood Park, Alberta!
You NEED to check out her site, she has great stuff and great shipping prices!
If you love mason jars check this out

Cotton Candy cupcakes from Bakingdom

Giselle's falling star. I'm in love with fringed streamers.
After I found these from Oh Happy Day
She's in Paris and wearing the Cutest striped socks. Ever.
Whats not to love?!
That and the fact that Dollarama had full sized crepe paper in my party colors.

Cherry and Blue Raspberry Popcorn

It was so much fun having everyone together to party with Giselle!
She was spoiled!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and it feels good to be back!
If you have thrown a party and made some awesome stuff, I'd love to start featuring some here.
Email me you pictures and a write up of what you did etc.
I look forward to seeing your creations and featuring you here!


Heath said...

You need to have a website for how to do a party via Dollarama! Everything was beautiful..especially Giselle! Everything was always

KHJ said...

I am glad to have be able to come to Giselle's party. I feel as though my life is complete with now having been to in my mind what is a famous Ali Winter party! You are one admirable chicka!