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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tickets, Passports, Wallets, CHECK!

I realize that it's now Monday and I didn't post over the weekend.
Ben actually didn't work this weekend!!
So I was hoping that you'd all for give me.
You're going to forgive me right?

Here are a couple of pictures from our family trip this year to Mexico.
We went to Los Cabos for the first time.
The weather was cooler than usual but I think anything was better than the weather back at home.
We managed to pick the one week where Alberta set record breaking low temperatures.
As in -50 Celsius!

 Here are my beauties! Growing up SO fast!!

The gorgeous resort, Barcelo' Los Cabos.

 Annual family photo.
We reaaallllyy need to hire an actual photographer for a real family picture.

 Sweetest room we've ever stayed in. Swim up with an ocean view!

But hands down, best part of the whole trip was having our awesome babysitter/friend Kirsten along!
She was SO great with the girls. 
Best family trip we've ever taken I think.

This was just in January so I guess I'm going to be working backwards in catching you up!


KHJ said...

I miss this trip. It was soooooooo much fun :)

Heath said...

Glad your back to blogland and home from Mexico
(and Palm Springs)