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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get Your Sparkle On! A Fashion Fairytale Birthday for Venice!

What a whirl wind spring and early summer!
I can, with mixed emotions, announce that I am done party planning for the summer.
Just the summer people.
I'm not giving up, just taking a break.

So for my party finale, I present my little peanut's 4th birthday party.
Barbie in Paris or a Fashion Fairytale, based on a movie that came out last fall.

 Some floral inspiration from my backyard.
Unfortunately, they didn't last for the party.
 Doesn't mean they're not still dead in the vase.
On my table.

 Good Morning birthday girl!!

 Barbie snuck out of Mattel to dropped by and see Venice.
Unfortunately she was sleeping, but I told her it was OK to leave a message, balloons and a little gift.
Barbie's SO nice!

Wand and sticker/coloring book from 'Barbie'.
I love the excitement in her eyes!

GG stopped by and dropped off a couple of presents in the morning.
Bride Venice.

Hair, Check!
Dress, Check!
Glitter spray, Check!

Sassy pose, Check!
Worried dad, Check.

Treat bag, with Barbie chocolate coins, bubble gum pop-rocks & glitter stickers.
Each girl got to take home a strawberry cupcake with chocolate mousse filling, topped with a vanilla bean buttercream.

The dress up rack and accessory trunk were a huge hit!

Food table!

The fashion Flairies, yes Flair-ies, dropped off some treats.
Shine brought white chocolate Eiffel Tower suckers with lustre dust.

 Shimmer brought white chocolate dipped strawberries with hot pink sugar sprinkles and disco dust.

Glimmer made some mini strawberry pop tarts.
I ate 6.
Out of 10.

Mom's got to take home a 6 pack of glitter and instructions for doing quick (and cheap) glitter pedicures with their daughters!

Pink lemonade with drink sparkles!

I had kept Venice out of the basement for about a week, this was her first time seeing it all decorated.
Isn't this one priceless?!

Strawberry cake on top of chocolate with marshmallow fondant, pink sugar diamonds, and edible sugar paper wrapping.
With an oversized Eiffel tower case you missed that.

Intensely watching Barbie reunite with ken...Oh brother.

Trying to blow out the sparkler!
Lifting + me = baaaaad photo


 Let's blow that thing out!!

Venice and her friend Isabelle from preschool.

BFF Lexie!

Cousin Olivia was SO cute!

 Getting ready for gift opening!

 Lexie, just lovin' that ring pop!

Hair cutting Barbie from Auntie Jen and Uncle Travis was a big hit!

Adding four pink feathers let me re-use the ostrich feather centerpiece from the Glam party, SA-WEET!

 Wardrobe change!

Glittered party hats, that no one wanted to wear.
Mental note: Don't stay up till 11:30 glittering hats no one will wear.

Is it just me or does she look tired?

And my little bug who almost slept through the entire party!

Venice was spoiled by her friends and family! 
Thanks to all her little friends from school and her closest family friends that came out to celebrate with us.
So far, her most used gifts are her scooter and her BFF crown necklace that she got from Lexie.
I should also mention that my memory card filled up before I could get a post-party shot of the theatre room.
There was more popcorn than carpet.
It was worth every kernel.
Love you Peanut!!


The Alexanders said...

Looks AMAZING!!!

Christie said...

Oh Ali! You and the girls are soo freaking cute! Ahhhh - mayy - zing! (and its true..more popcorn than carpet..I can vouch! HAH) What a hit! Reading your blog is the best! Lucky little 4 yr old you have!

Heath said...

Such a beautiful girlie party! The girls definitely got into the dress up frame of mind very quickly. Everything was so pretty! I'm not sure where you learned all this as you were lucky to get a quarter wrapped in wax paper when you were a kid! Loved the Eiffel Tower chocolate lollipops!!

KHJ said...

I have a new found appreciation for this party maybe its because I saw the movie! You are so dang talented and an inspiration... I also laughed when I read this is my last party of the summer... :)