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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank You Cards

I totally dropped the ball at Christmas time with Venice's pre-school teachers.
We came to the little concert the kids were putting on and I watched all these parents come with gift bags and boxes.
I was baffled.
I didn't get the memo for the gift exchange.

Then I saw it.
The hand off to Ms. Jackie.
Then to Miss Lisa.

Aw crap.

Pretty sure I was the only one with out a thank you gift to the teachers.
The teachers that are shaping the mind of my oldest child.

So when summer was coming I was ready.
Thanks to Pinterest, who sent me to  Skip to my Lou who had the girls from eighteen25 as guest bloggers.

I did exactly as they said, I inserted our family name at the bottom, printed them off, pasted onto green cardstock and glue gunned the coffee sleeves I'd been saving for just that moment.

Ripped over to Starbucks, got the gift cards, insert into the coffee sleeve pockets & gave them over to the Teach.

I win.

You can get the more detailed steps to making these over at Skip to my Lou.

I think these would work as a thank you card for anything, not just teacher appreciation.
I might just start doing nice things for people just to get one of these ;)


The Radke's said...

That is such a great idea! I love it.

Heath said...

Recycling at it's finest. What a great idea and looks like something even I can do ( no duct tape but I'll try!)