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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arabian Nights Party: A Farewell to Summer.

It seems funny to be saying farewell to summer.
Seeing as we are the only family in the country that has yet to take our annual summer vacation.
It's coming, but we call it our 'fall-iday'.
Seriously, we don't do that.
But I might start.

I know I said I was done with parties for summer, but I did throw together one last get together.
In my defense though, wasn't the last day of summer last Tuesday or something?
I'm just saying.
Technically it's fall.

Anyhoo, this was my first attempt at doing a last minute party.
Last minute for me being 4 weeks.
I'm working on it ok?

For the most part I had a lot of the decorations already.
From spare fabric, bed sheets, previous party supplies and so on.
All I needed was a few little items that only my fav second hand stores could supply.
Some throw pillow and some tacky brass items and I had my self a party!

Plus I scored BIG time.
I went looking for an elephant plant stand.
My grandma has 5. And lives in BC. Not a big help.
If you know me, then you know that I am beyond optimistic.
The glass is always full. 1/2 water, 1/2 air. See, full.
I packed up the girls 2 days before the party looking for this elephant.
NO elephant.
Just thought I'd ask if there was anything elephant related in the back.
But did I want the one at the employees house?
Say what??

Yes, she did own a large ceramic elephant plant stand.
Yes, I do want it.
You wont take ANY money for it.....

So I got the elephant.
And painted it hot pink.

I should just get on with the pictures right?
You're not even reading this...







My gorgeous sari was brought back from India by my brother.
I knew I'd find a place to wear it to!

Deal of the month!

Getting the hookah going!

My favourite picture of the night.

Honey Cake cupcakes with Vindaloo cream cheese frosting.

With edible butterflies and peacock feathers.

 And homemade Chai tea that my mother in law made for us.

I didn't want to be racing around the kitchen all night and stressed about food timings being right so I ordered take out from a great Indian restaurant .
I went in the day before, pre-ordered, haggled at the price (I told you I'm frugal).
So by 8:30 all the food was in the oven staying hot and ready whenever we were!
It was a great night!
We had such amazing weather too, which considering the summer we've been having it was the equivalent to winning the lottery.
I hope you enjoyed the pics!


CalebG said...

Looks great! Glad the saris finally got used

The Radke's said...

Great party Ali! Like always, you always have everything just so and it is always so much fun to go and such a break from the daily routine. Thanks for inviting me, I had a great time... and I loved the cupcakes!