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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Honey Cupcakes with Vindaloo Cream Cheese Frosting

I was trying find a cupcake that was indian-y.
They're really not out there.
Trust me.

So, going out on a limb and getting some mixed reviews, I'm putting out my own recipe out there for all to try and let me know how you feel about them.

I enjoyed them as they weren't as sweet as normal cupcake that has say a buttercream frosting, 
nor were they savoury (thank goodness!)

The cake base was from, for a traditional honey cake.
Apparently she's tight with the White house cause the chef gave her their recipe.

You can find it here.

As for the frosting I used basic but fool proof cream cheese frosting recipe I found here.

Now, here's where I tweaked it a bit...
For the frosting I added 2 tablespoons of honey.
And about 2 teaspoons of Patek's Vindaloo Curry paste.

Beat it all together until a smooth consistency and all the curry is evenly dispersed.

I used more than the 2 teaspoons of curry paste and would recommend adding it 1/4 teaspoon at at time.
Just until it tastes right to you.
The night of the party I feel that I had added just 1/4 teaspoon too much.

So there it is.
Curried cupcakes, who'd a thunk it?

Just thought I'd also share these butterflies and peacock feather are edible and I ordered them online from 
Etsy here.
Her shop is called Sugar Robot and she has some gorgeous stuff!


Christie said...

Awesome idea Ali! Cupcakes were tasty! And perfectly themed! (insert shocked face here HA)

Heath said...

Beautiful and edible which is incredible....haha