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Monday, August 8, 2011

While you were Hiking in Peru......

Hi all!
Thought I'd abandoned you forever?
Just been busy, that's all.
It's summer (supposedly) and we've been out and about.
I've also been very sneaky.

My cousin Travis and his wife Jen went to Peru with my brother and a few other friends for 18 days, hiking and seeing the sights.

3 days before they left they took possession of their first house.

The night before they left they found water in the basement....

So my cousin Jen (Travis's sister, not wife. . . It's confusing, I know) and Jen's (Travis's Wife) sister Jody and I decided we'd try and re-do their laundry room.

It was the room in most dire need of a reno.
Just look at the before pics.

 Jody and the wine made the evenings funner!

Those dang wood panels took a few coats of paint...

 Jen, Jody and Ben having a serious wallpaper discussion.

 Wallpaper complete!

 Flooring complete! And lighting too!

 And now the Reveal!!


Jen painted all the cabinets, picked an area rug at Home Depot for a sweet deal!
Her husband Aaron did all the baseboards and babysitting.

 Jody and her mom came and finished up the last of the painting and looked after searching out decorations and furnishings.

 Stacey over at Hattrick Designs used her awesome Silhouette machine and make the lost socks vinyl cut out.

Yes, I hid in the corner and jumped out at Travis when they came home.
I love surprises.
Travis, not so much.
After the initial shock wore off they were really happy ( I thiiiink).

We love you guys so much!!
Happy Housewarming!!


The Radke's said...

Now that life has calmed down, I can say that this really was a blast, and I had a great time doing it with you guys. I had forgotten just how bad the before was though. If I do say so myself, we did a great job. The final decorating really did the trick.

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU! Thank you so much. I may have retreated to the laundry room one night this week already! :)

Kristy Klarich said...

Great Job Ali & gang! What a wonderful surprise for Jen & Travis! It looks wonderful!! :)

Heath said...

Beautiful! As someone who had a "while you were go makeover, there is nothing more exciting!!
Great job you guys!!!

Heath said...

That's "while you were GONE" !!