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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Banff Springs Family Weekend

With part of stucco season over, Ben and I decided to take the girls away for the weekend. 
Destination: Banff!
We got to the Banff Springs hotel on Friday evening and got checked in. Venice was promptly presented with a tiara and was crowned Castle Princess! The look on her face was SO stinking cute!

We took the girls out the next morning, first stop? Candy store!!
I captured the stunned silence on Venice's face when Ben turned her around to see the window full of candy.

We spent a TON of time in the hot tub and pools. Yep, I said pools. They had a huge inside pool, a children's pool and a huge outdoor pool. Even though it wasn't super warm outside, we spent most of our time in the outdoor pool which was so warm! It was a little awkward though, with the tourists above us on the balcony taking pictures....

 There was an aquarium at the sushi restaurant in the hotel, and 
Venice had to see Nemo every time we walked by, which was about 4 times a day, as it was on the way to the pool.
I'm loving my new camera and can't believe the quality of the pictures it take!

The view from our room.

My favorite little (ha! little, right) nook, I don't know if it's the color, the view or a combination, but I could sit in this corner with a coffee and read a good book all day!

I think this is my favorite picture from the weekend. Venice wanted to twirl the moment we got to the hotel, we had taken her to the banquet room the first night, but I had told her that this castle had a real ballroom. Well, we found it and she twirled to her hearts content! Then she told Ben that she's going to be married here. Uh Oh!

Here's my little bug! All bundled up and ready to go.  I must say that Banff is not exactly stroller friendly, we had to carry the stroller up various flights of stairs in town and in the hotel. But over all it was worth having it along.

Carriage ride for the Princess Venice! It was so cold, but we had blankets and each other to keep warm. 

We took the girls bowling for the first time (can you imagine, our hotel had it's own bowling alley?!)
I love this picture!  

She was so funny! She had to do it all by herself, and the ball rolled SO slowly. When the ball hit the gutter she'd slap her leg and say "Oh Man!"
What a character!

The mountain pictures are from the first morning we were there and the morning we were leaving.
We just made it out of the park before it got bad, except that when we came home, there was more snow at home than in Banff!

We had such a great time, and it was so nice to have a whole weekend together as a family. I can't wait for when stucco season is really over!


The Alexanders said...

awesome post Ali! It looks like you guys ahd the most amazing weekend!

Ali said...

Thanks Stac! It was wonderful! So looking forward to tonight! GLEE!!!

Heath said...

great pics Ali! The camera looks like it is working +++
love all the pictures, especially the one of Giselle alone and the one of Venice twirling!!

Christie said...

Awesome pics! My gosh I bet Venice was in her glory! hahah How adorable! Fun fam weekends are the best! Good for you guys!