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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reminiscing Past Halloweens

I'm so sad to report that this is one of the first years that I haven't done any type of function for Halloween, whether it be party or dinner. I don't know what's gotten into me actually, I guess I'm not feeling it this year...Or I'm saving up for a HUGE bash next year.
 My friend Christie is sure there's something wrong with me for how much I like the creepy stuff. I love the silly vampire books and anything mythical, so I think enjoying Halloween goes hand in hand with all the other geeky things I like. I just watched Modern Family (funniest show EVER!) last night, it was their Halloween episode, naturally. If you watched it, you could compare me to Claire. Need I say More? 
Since there will not be my own party to blog about this year, I'm going to post pics from last years dinner party, with my dark mistress lady friends and some from the year before that's party. Enjoy!

This was some scrap fabric from Walmart, torn in two, to make a spooky entry to dining room. (not really a dining room at all, actually, formerly craft room turned bedroom.)

Favor boxes, inside was the most amazing chocolate caramels, sent straight from the sugar gods (Martha's food team). 

The Gothic-Glam table setting. Complete with assorted antique silverware, thanks Grandma B! 
I had two menus, one was the spooky version of the 7 courses, and the other a translation. 

Full room view, as much as I could get anyways. Clearly, there was a colour theme throughout.

Place settings with bling. I had made up names for all my mistresses, following along as much as I could with their own names. This one was for Christie, Christiana La Roi.

Night shot, a little blurry, but you get the idea anyways.

The chandelier, with cobwebs and handmade bats that I had strung up with wire. As the evening went on and the candles heated up the room, the bats started shaking. Love it!
As well, I should mention that there are special bulbs, that our fantastic electrician found for me, that are chandelier bulbs that flicker like candles! They were so perfect for creating a spooky atmosphere.

Melted bat layer cake. With candied eyeballs, yes I love the creeepy things.

The most stunning reveal I've ever had, as well as the most work for one dessert. The first piece out and first bite made making 33 chocolate crepes all worthwhile.

Action shot!

 The last course, around midnight, was blood red hot chocolate, with homemade marshmallow bones.

These next pictures are from the year before last. Christie and I combined forces for this party, which seems to be the best way to do it, twice the creative juices and twice the budget! It was a Halloween Bash to say the least! We even had a graveyard in the front yard, complete with creepy lanterns. For  some reason I didn't get a picture of it :(

This was on the shelves behind the wet bar. We made specimen jars out of actual specimens! Some were made out of vegetables, but the best were made out of cows tongue and tripe. We had so much dry ice too, friggin' love that stuff!

 Food table. Some of the names we came up with were really gross, like Scabs & Moldy Pus Dip, (I can hear Christie now, "Ewwwww, where does this stuff come from?!") but it all added to the creep factor.

Love the dry ice!

Dead Marie Antoinette and Moulin Rouge hottie!

Christie and I goofing around before the party.

I'm so excited to go to one of our couple friends party this year, so I'll try and take pics and post those in lieu of my not-happening-party.


Christie said...

Had to laugh when I read about Claire! Rob and I always talk about how I am her...EXCEPT in the halloween episode the other night! LOL Its all you man! I love it!

How did you pick from all your pics?? There are so many awesome ones that showcase your creepy and awesome talent! The elegant/goth dinner party was so freakin awesome that Martha should become a follower! I LOVED it!!! Honestly though...even though the pics are was much more amazing in person! Seriously!! (yes..its possible if anyone else is reading this!)

PS How awesome was it that this blog post showed up in my hotmail inbox? I only have a gmail account so that i can follow you and Stace...did you do something special or I am I just partially retarded? (maybe dont answer that!)

Happy Halloween my creepy little closet goth sister! (PS whats your trick or treat plans? We were hoping to stop by for a photo op!

Ali said...

Christie! Your comment posted!! And yes I did something special:) I figured it would be easier if my 10 besties got email alerts. Anyhoo, as always, thanks for the tire pumps! And missy, you were a HUGE part of the Halloween Bash, so don't you dare sell yourself short!
I think, depending on the weather we might go to the mall? But a photo op is in order!
Happy Halloween to you, my fellow Claire!