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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friendship Factor Brunch and Some Other Goodies

So the night before the Brunch I started baking and cooking. I'm loving the SUPER easy overnight french toast. I did ad-lib a bit in the recipe, simply because I had a vanilla bean and didn't want it to go bad, and the taste of fresh vanilla over extract is unbelievable! 
Is there anything yummier than the smell of simmering milk with a fresh vanilla bean in it?!

I have a good friend that would call this dish complete. hahahahaha!

I just had to post this picture of the maple syrup I found. It's just so stinkin' CUTE! 

Here's the end result. It turned out pretty good for how simple it was. I don't really like bringing hot food to potluck simply because they don't stay warm! But still yummy even at room temp.

These were brought by a lady, I thought they were fancy funnel cakes...nope. Rosettes?? I googled them because I couldn't find the lady that brought them. Turns out they are freaking AMAZING!! They tasted like deep fried wontons, but cinnamon sugared and so beautiful! They were crispy enough that you could easily make them into a dessert with whipped cream and different toppings and syrups.
I've decided that I need to acquire the tools to make these pretty confections. Next stop, Sally-Ann!
(don't call A&E and I'll make you some;)

More deliciousness!
Here's the wonderful Ifie, one of the commitee members. She always has the funniest stories!
I had a great morning with all the women and sharing wonderful dishes that everyone prepared.

Last week Giselle, decided to get up on her knees and start hitching! Soon she'll be on the move!

It has been such a gorgeous fall and the evenings so warm that 
we just had to go over to the big park in Mountview by the school and had such a great time as a family. Venice just ran and ran! I got stuck in a tire swing and nearly lost my pants, Giselle slept and Ben went climbing. It was a great time had by all!

Tonight, off to the corn maze!


Christie said...

Ok OMG do those french toasties look awesome! And those funnel cake thingies...I NEED ONE NOW!!! W O W!! Work gets in the way of all the fun! I miss FF!
PS how awesome is that park in Mountview?? I drove by it one day in the summer..only because this car was stalled and I had to turn to do a detour! Ended up driving by that gold mine! Isn't that sand the best sand ever?? So soft! We will have to have a play date there!

Christie said...

PS I think I know your "good friend"!!! And she is right..that dish could not be more complete HAHAHA ...u little stinker!

The Alexanders said...

Looks delish!!! I can't wait to see pics from the corn maze, and I am very impressed that you posted without me having to bug you! hahaha

Heather said...

I do know the rosette maker!! She is one of the greatest cooks/bakers I know - you two together would be quite the heavenly pair!! Your french toast was gone when I got to the table, but I pinched a piece off a girl's plate!! haha!

I love the zest and spunk you add to life, Ali. You are so awesome!

PS - I also love your FF pics... I may need a few copies for the facebook page since I seem to be unable to remember my camera on Wednesdays!!