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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Corn Maze 2010

The Roy's invited us to go with them out to the lacombe Corn Maze.
What fun we had! The weather was perfect, sunny and no wind! And best of all, the girls played SO good! 
"Pump HARD!" Actual quote from Lexie. Too cute!

Christie, giving Ben a run for his money.

Me, getting a backhand for cheating! (she was going for my shoulder but I leaned forward at the wrong she says. hahahaha!)

Scary slide. Seriously, I didn't go on it.

The girls LOVED this playhouse!! I know Ben doesn't want to build a house this winter for us, but I miiiight have a little project for him in mind :)

Mexican turkey standoff.

Venice was so funny with the smell! She would not unplug her nose! 

My bug and me.


THE cutest moment of the day! The girls took off holding hands, a rare occurance!

While I was trying to get this picture of Giselle with the baby goats, a goat was chewing on my hair...the things we do to get  a cute picture.

I know I already had a slide picture, but this one is so perfect to show the danger level. Lexie is at terminal velocity!

Daddy with one of his girls.

Rob with Lexie.

Another slide picture...I know. Christie was screaming and Lexie was laughing, it was so funny!

Farmer Venice.

Family Photos!
The Winters

The Roys

We were so fortunate, my battery died right after this picture! We got one shot of each family and it was done! We had a great time making memories for the us and our girls. We are looking forward to many more with our friends! Rob mentioned after that next time, road trip to Chuckee Cheeses!!


Heath said...

oh that looked like such a fun day. Mom and I are sitting here having a good laugh reading your posts (your welcome thighs :)still cracks me up. Anyway keep writing, and love the pictures!!!

The Alexanders said...

looks like you guys had an awesome time! and thank goodness that camera battery held out! Those are some great family pictures :)