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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Giveaway Shutterfly Day! It's a real holiday....

I'm in need people.
In need of a theme.
I'm not usually one that is at a loss for themes, but I feel that my creative juices are running dry.

So to inspire you to inspire me, I've got a
  $20.00 gift card for Shutterfly!

 The person who has THE best and most creative theme for my birthday party will be mailed out the prize.

And I'm talking good ideas folks . 
Not just  'pink and sparkles'.
I will incorporate those things in no matter what kind of theme it is.

I'll give you some ideas that I've already done:

Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Sex and the City
Around the World
Vegas Baby!

Party themes that I would love to have but I'm too embarrassed to invite people to would include:

Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
True Blood
You're getting the picture.

So with that, my birthday is at the end of June but I like to start planning ASAP. 

Anyone can win as long as you are a follower and you leave your idea in the comment section.

I will pick the winner next Tuesday, the 12th.

Good luck and be creative!!


Karyn said...

I've often thought a glamorous 1940s party would be fun. (If I wasn't homeschooling and actually could plan it!) The whole black and white, hard core glam, skinny dresses with the great little hats with the netted face veil, long gloves, spiked heels and even the fancy masquerade masks on a stick. There's so much you could do with it... think Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman. Feather boas, cigars, top hats, monocles, champagne, big band... (Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra - can you tell I was in a jazz band?!) Although Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth would be fun! :D

Rachel said...

I think a "slumber party" birthday party would be a riot. Everyone could come in pajamas and you could play the kinds of games you used to play at slumber parties. (like Truth, Dare, Double Dare) Or you could have a pillow fight! How fun would that be? And you could stay up all night (or at least really late).

If people could stay all night, you could serve them breakfast in the morning. :)

Karyn said...

Oh Rachel, we used to have those in University and we called them "Pajama Jams"! Of course there were always guys that actually needed to go out and buy pajamas. Chocolate fondue would be fun with that. :)

The Radke's said...

Unfortunately Karyn beat me to my idea. However, it is exactly what I was thinking of. My secondary idea would be a red carpet affair, but I still love the idea of old hollywood glam! Good idea Karyn:)

The Alexanders said...

How about a "favorite things" could just base the entire thing around all of your favourites...and really who doesn't want a day of favourites?!?!

tegan.holt said...

Oooh fun!! I think a vintage surf safari would be unique!! With old wood surfboards, and beach wear...maybe not the actual swimsuits but pin-up style dresses and beach bags instead of purses! An old VW hippie van could be in the theme, beach boys aussie of me!!

Ali said...

Hey Al
So as per usual I was looking through your blog instead of doing homework, and I think you should have a Moroccan themed birthday party! I searched some photos and PINK and gold seem to be the most popular colors! I would have included some photos to make a stronger argument, however, my computer is a piece. So image google Moroccan themed parties and I'm POSITIVE you will agree with me. Plus everyone can all dress up like cute lil Egyptians and hookahs can make another famous appearance!

Heath said...

I think you have a tough decision with all these really good ideas. Fortunately, I can see you using them all at one time or another!
My two cents here:
1960's, retro clothing, something we come across in our adventures at "The boutique". It would have to include the make-up they wore ( picture Twiggy ) thick eyeliner, pale pink lipstick and lots of back combing for The Poof famous in the sixties.
So I guess the theme is 1960's party time!

Heath said...

I have a thought! How about a Pride and Prejudice party Everyone shows up as their favorite charachters i.e. Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett. Who doesn't want to wear those great dresses just once!

Andrea said...

Hi Ali! I'm thrilled to be following your blog. Fun for late night feedings :) I'll throw out a Taiwan theme! Relive and relish in your days on the island! So kind of an island/Taiwan feel. You could serve fun drinks with bubbles - apple martinis with bubbles or go with the classic milk tea (with rum) or grapefruit green tea. Clothing should be Asian inspired. You can have chop stick contest - see who can eat a bowl of popcorn the fastest with only chopsticks! You could serve fried goodness - sweet potatoes, oregano leaves, assorted veggies. Serve them in fun little bags with that giant toothpick! Play Asian pop music or Heavenly Melody. Or decorate your place like our old apartment :) Fun memories. Happy planning. You have some incredible ideas here. I also love the Pride and Prejudice one. I played Mrs. Bennet in a college production. Much love and Taiwan sparkles! :)

Christie said...

Imagine that! Mine didn't post! Do you remember when they had the mid summer nights dream party at the mansion? It was an Arabian nights theme I think..Bollywood style. Lots of beautiful fabric and jewels! We loved it!

Or the obvious....Paris very Ali and some french love!

The Radke's said...

Oh, looking at all these listed, you are in soooo much trouble. Good luck deciding!!!!!