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Monday, September 12, 2011

Falliday 2011

I told you I was going to start calling it that!
We had such a great family trip to Sandpoint, ID this year!
The kids were amazingly well-behaved and relatively sane for the drive down.
Granted we took 3 days to get there (normally an 8 hour drive).
But we were relaxed by the time we got to the cabin we had rented for the week, which was an added bonus.

 We stopped and put the boat in at Moyie Lake Provincial Park.

 Found a sand bar and let the girls go wild in the mud.

Fishing was sparse... But when we did catch something the girls did not shy away.
They get that from Ben.

Finally! Sleep's Cabins, Sandpoint, ID.

Brent and Tawnie Sleep were SO amazing and kind! 
They had a great family story behind the rental cabins and we'd stay there again in a heart beat!

We took the girls to the Coeur d'alene County fair on the weekend, on probably THE hottest day we were there. A lovely 37 degrees!
Venice went on a pony ride, the ferris wheel with daddy and a bunch of other spinny rides. 
Despite the heat the girls were so good and we all had fun!

Tubing was the remedy for the heat!
Even Giselle got a ride...And LOVED it!
By the end she wouldn't sit with anyone, had have her own seat and handles.
And ending up standing up on her own while we were zipping along!
(Ben had her by the life jacket, of course. Not that it helped my anxiety at all.)

 By the time our week was up we really couldn't believe it was time to go. 
So we decided to stay another 3 days and stay over the long weekend then head home Sunday.

Me and my bug!

This family that stayed in another cabin was awesome!
The mom is a graphic designer but to unwind and let her creative side free she face paints.
She had all the kits and tools and glitter and more importantly a 5 year old daughter.
Venice had struck gold!
Best part...She does it for free!
She sets up in a park and does everyone that wants it.

By the time Venice came back to us she was covered in a rainbow of colors and had more glitter on than Queen Titania herself!

My babies, getting so big now!

S'more night!!

This was a long stucco season, not that it's over yet, but it was so great to have Ben for 12 days straight and for the girls to have Daddy all day, everyday!

Thanks for stopping by today, not really a party, craft or snack post, but it was fun!

Coming up next post....Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Meringue .

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