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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hard Cider Caramel Pretzel Bites

I really can't take any credit for this recipe.

It all goes to my blogger hero, Heather of SprinkleBakes.
She originally did the Ale and Pretzels Caramels.
I just sent off an email to see if it would work with apple cider.

Apparently it does.

To make these beauties you will need:

A cookie sheet, lined with tin foil, and greased
1 bag of large pretzel rods
2 bottles of hard apple cider (I used Growers brand)
 And SprinkleBakes Recipe which can be found here.

Just substitute the ale for the cider and the 9x13 pan for the cookie sheet.
Everything else is the same.

And super delicious!! 

I ended up rolling the caramel around the pretzel rods.
I found it easier to wrap and eat.

Pinch that caramel!!

and added my own text.
Then ran some plain paper bags from the Dollarama through the printer!

Also I gained 5lbs in the process.
Consider yourself warned.

I'm always amazed that the more 'famous' bloggers still make time for us small frys.
I really appreciate that even though they are writing books and answering tons of questions from their some 3000+ followers,  they still are just awesome to talk to and don't make you feel silly for asking questions.
Thanks to all my blogging heroes:)


SprinkleBakes said...

Ali, your caramels look perfect! The original recipe with ale is very mild as well. The bag with the graphic is just perfect! Such a nice touch. I love pretty presentation.

You are too sweet, girl! Baking hero!?


The Alexanders said...

SOOO yummy! Thanks for sharing, they are on my must make list!

Heath said...

Your dad is hoarding these!! Love your pictures ( and your famous commentor!) FUN!