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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with a Toasted Marshmallow Meringue

I'm just having one of those mornings where I'm having writers block.
Not that I'm a writer or anything, but I'm just having a hard time thinking of a funny anecdote that will cleverly tie in these cupcake/muffins.

It could be because I have a sugar headache from too many sugared peanuts at last nights Rook game. 
Or it could be from the whomping I took during said Rook game.
Lowest score on the board.
Should've bid higher and taken more risks!

As far as risks go though, my cupcakes felt like a risk.
Sweet potato?
As in...Yam?

The whole time I kept telling myself, "It's just like pumpkin, it's just like pumpkin."

I figured since Americans have Sweet Potato Pie and we have Pumpkin Pie, why can we have pumpkin cupcakes but not sweet potato?

I found a great recipe here at Annie's Eats for a sweet potato cake batter.

And I wanted a marshmallow topping for them but I didn't want it to be so sweet. 
I did a little googling...found a basic meringue recipe, whipped it up and then folded in a jar of Marshmallow Fluff.

Marshmallow Meringue Topping

  • 1 7-ounce jar Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme
  • 3 large egg whites
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar

1. Whisk egg whites and salt together until foamy
2. Add in sugar a tablespoon at a time while whisking. Whisk until all sugar has been added and stiff glossy peaks form.
3. Gently fold in Marshmallow Fluff until combined.
4. Pipe or spoon on to cooled cupcakes.

 Did I mention that I bought a blow torch?

Just a wee little one, but I love her.
She's a she and her name is Lady Melisandre.
Any Game of Thrones fans out there??
I'll keep my future nerd tidbits to myself then.

But she was perfect for toasting the topping to a gorgeous golden brown.
If you don't have a kitchen sized torch you can always put them in a oven preheated to 400. 
Just watch them until the tops brown.

I have a little bottle of Starbucks caramel sauce kickin' around in my coffee cupboard, and yes, 
I have a cupboard dedicated to coffee.
I drizzled the tops with the caramel sauce and sprinkled toasted and chopped pecans.

And then I pretended I was a photographer...and not a good one! hahahaha

I guess I got over the 'writers' block huh?

Any weird flavour combinations that you doubted then loved?
I'd love to hear from you!!

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The Radke's said...

I should limit myself to checking your blog AFTER having a nice healthy meal! Do I want what I have in the oven right now, or do I want cupcakes with marshmallow meringue on top? Hmmm, tough decision!