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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Made This...Sort Of.

I'm on Pinterest.
A lot.
I just can't help myself.

And what do I find?
A link to a lady's blog in Brooklyn.

A blog that is so full of DIY's that I can't wait to do.
When I say DIY what I mostly mean is BDIH.
(Ben does it himself)

Feel free to use this new acronym I just made up.
Your welcome:)

Anyhoo, I'm just loving all the burlap, linen and vintage cotton that's out there now.
But I'm frugal, remember?
So this was the perfect blend of cheap, easy and vintage.
I'm pretty sure there's a joke in there somewhere....

This tutorial and free printable was on BrooklynLimestone.

I just had to make it!

So I did.
The only thing Ben helped with was cutting the wooden dowel in half.

This was the only window in our house that didn't have any treatment on it.
Maybe the one window in the house that for the past 4 years really should have had something.
The toilet room.

Now it does and it's just fabulous.

You can make it too!

1 comment:

The Radke's said...

It turned out awesome!!! I thought I was looking at the picture of the one she did. And I also completely understand the "I can do it...with my hubby doing all the hard parts" mentality.