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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Lampshade and Another Burn.

Oh man guys! I am so tired right now.
Seriously, I  can hardly keep my eyes open.
The only thing keeping me up is the sound of dreams being crushed on the Dragons Den show and of course my excitement for my 'new' lampshade!

I saw a tutorial on Pinterest on how to make roses from crepe paper or party streamers and I was in!

Here's what you need to make a Crepe Paper Rose Lampshade.

Party streamers, any color and more than you think you'd need. 
Glue gun and glue sticks
1 lamp

Oh yeah, and a loooot of free time, we're talking kids in bed here people.

Here's your standard party streamer, I paid $1.00 a roll. 

Rip 24" strips. Crumple up each strip.

Now un-crumple.

Roll up one end, 4-5 rolls tightly.

Keep rolling, getting looser, but keeping the bottom tight and pinched.

It should really start looking like a rose. Keep rolling....


Now the tricky part. I snipped the pinched part of the rose, and put hot glue on the base (NOT your finger).
Place the flower where ever you want on your shade.

I really wanted to cover the whole shade, but I reeeeaaaaallllyyy  underestimated how long it takes.

I took a whole roll to do just around the bottom of the shade. 
And I now have arthritis. 

But it looks gorgeous!

And romantic too!
Too bad its for the guest room :(

I've now run out of lamps to re-vamp, so you can look forward to a new topic next time!