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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coffee Filter Lamp Shade and just a dab of Flamazine Cream.

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon when one of your kids is at her Nana's house and the baby is napping and your husband just got back from fishing all weekend? 

Refurbish an old lamp, of course.

Get your minds out of the gutter.

For real though, I hot glued over 300 coffee filters onto an old lamp shade.

And lost 2 fingertips to burns in the process. 

So if there are a few typos it's, forgive my gimpy hand.

I found this picture of a lamp on Pinterest, (my new obsession) and I just had to try it!
It was taken from a blog by a lady in Oregon that is SO beautiful! (both her and her blog) 
She's a genius with home decor and refurbishing furniture.

 Seriously, go look at it right now. 

Click here ------> Northwest Hospitality.

This was the before...

Just getting started...


Painted and proudly displayed!

And I'm totally in love with my 'new' lamp!

PS. There's a small chance that I might spray adhesive the filters and glitter it....


The Alexanders said...

this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so in love with it!!!

Heath said...

Me too! How is the flamazine working on those burns?!!!!

Ali said...

Burns are way better! Still bandaged though :(

Rachel {} said...

so pretty!!! I love your blog... I am now following.

-rachel from

The Radke's said...

Wow! Love it! When I get through all my little projects I will have to find some fun ones like this. Might copy if that is okay.