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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yay!! Giveaway Day!!

OK all, my apologies for not doing a fabulous St.Patty's Day post :( 
Me being part Irish and all, as well as the fact that I live for themes!! 
I just didn't have it in me to make a mess of my kitchen/house (you know how I cook right?) cause we had a realtor open house in the morning.

So, to make up for it......I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!! 

Easter themed, of course, seeing as now that St. Patricks Day is pretty much over, I'm ready for the next holiday!

It's a Cupcake Kit. 

3 different cupcake liners
1 jar of matte white pearls
1 jar of THE most gorgeous disco dust, Peony.
2 Piping bags (cause y'all know I like to pipe with a large star tip, of course!

All in a cute french/spring-y little box!

I realize that this is a pretty feminine gift, as well it may only appeal to bakers.....
But, what a great first day of spring gift! Or mothers day, or just for no reason! 
So all you men followers.... you can enter too and look like the best husbands ever!

Here's some pics!

This is what you will receive in the mail....

and when you open it up....GASP!
It's Spring in a Box!

Now if this edible glitter doesn't just get you jazzed....

Bunny not included.

All you need to do, is:

1. Become a follower.

2. Leave a comment about what you think the best thing about spring is.

3. Tell a friend....Well that's not really a requirement, but it's nice to share.

I will do a random draw on Monday, the 21st. I will notify you all of the winner by posting, so check back!!


The Radke's said...

Looks awesome Ali! Can you just rig it for me a little though? Hmmm? As for the best thing about spring that's easy. The snow leaving and the smell of green, especially that first cut of grass. As long as I am not the one having to cut it.

Peggy said...

Hi Looks like loads of fun ! The best thing about Spring is the joy of puddles to step in and all the planning for the yard adventures .

The Alexanders said...

I am already a follower! And my absolute favorite thing about spring is being able to splash around in the puddles, that's right I am a 27 year old puddle jumper!!

Chris said...

Just remember about growing up on the farm when all the new babies being born and the baby calves where my favorite.
The joy of planting the new flower to planet in my flower pots and just being outside :OD
Finding the biggest puddle in to drive through <3

Kelsey said...

I was CERTAIN I was a follower already but guess not...that unfortunate oversight has now been corrected! Fave thing about spring...DAYLIGHT!

Rachelle said...

I met you once a long time ago on the cruise, I'm friends with Cara-Leigh and I love your blog because you are so creative! Anyways the best thing about Spring is getting to wear flats again and also getting more fresh air and sunlight!

Heather said...

I love you, Ali!! You are sweet, fun!! I just wanted to tell you that... I'm not entering because I am pretty sure I can't use any of the things with Ava's allergies anyway.

Just a " you're awesome, Chicky!"

Shauna said...

Ok well u know how badly I need baking help!! My favorite thing about spring.... The beautiful birds chirping and my perennials coming out of the cold winter to be pretty again for summer!! :)

Rachel said...

I'm already a follower! And a devoted one! :)

I love Spring because that means Easter is coming, and I LOVE Easter! I love baking Easter goodies, going to church, getting dressed up...everything!

The Roths said...

I am also another follower...thanks for all the giggles and ideas! My favorite thing about spring has to be running in the rain, I have not done it since I was little but if you remember one of my blog posts Bennett reminded me how much fun it is. Stay posted because I will be running with him this year!

Shelley Haring said...

Hey Ali - best thing about Spring - Daffodils!!
PS - you dont really have to post all the way to Neew Zeeeland.. but its fun to join in! xo said...

My daughter would love that-she's all about baking.

My favorite thing about spring is that it is warm-I hate the cold. I would be perfectly happy if it never got below 70.

Denise said...

I love that when the trees turn green and aren't there flowers!?? I dont remember!

Heath said...

Hearing the birds in the trees, and just the smell of the dirt being dug up in my garden ( it's getting bigger each year I think!) After this winter, there isn't enough space here, for how much I am going to love this spring!!
Remember not to put my name in for the draw ( mama's not elgible!)

Audrey said...

The best thing about spring is the irises. They are my favorite flower because they were my Grandma's fav!!! She had and acre of them. I miss her very much!!!