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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes...By who else?! Sprinkle Bakes!

Stacey from I wish I was Martha, got together for some kid-free quality baking time. 
And squealing over edible glitter time.
We  decided to make these Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes from the fabulously talented Sprinkle Bakes!
Don't judge me for squealing until you see the pictures.
There better be squealing where you are!
To see the whole post, Click ------> Here.
To see the fantastic recipe and Click ---------> Here.
Also I'd like to give a great big shout out out to my new friend Lisa over at Flour Confections for having Edible Disco Dust in Canada and charging an arm and leg for it! YAY!
You can look forward to seeing more of her products here for sure!

1 comment:

tegan.holt said...

Hi Ali!!
Im loving your creative! My mom (shelly) told me i had to check it out...she works with your mom at now you can say you have a follower in Australia!! Thanks for sharing the awesome posts, im going to try a few out for my fiances birthday this week!
Take care.