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Monday, March 19, 2012

The First Pin It, Make It Monday!!

I was a little nervous about what pin I should try and do this weekend.

I wanted it to be a big one.

Yet do-able.

I think I found one that anyone can do!

I'm in love with subway art.
I know its not the newest trend on the blogging block, but it hasn't stopped popping up on Pinterest!

I'm waaaaaay to cheap to buy one, and I wanted mine to be special as well.

On Pinterest I came a cross this girls blog.

She's awesome!!
Her blog made me want to do E-V-E-R-Y project she's made.

She's just that awesome.

And frugal.

I like frugal.

So here's my first attempt.

Every place that Ben and I have been to together.

 I know it's not your normal white on black, but that didn't really go with our bedroom anyways.

 I also really like the clean, crisp-ness of the aqua on white.

And this is just a little snap of us.
I hope you enjoyed the first Pin It, Make It Monday. 

I know I felt very productive in actually doing something with my pins!

Don't forget to Check out Becca's Blog, for detailed instructions for making your own subway art!

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Heath said...

great idea. What should I do??