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I am fortunate enough to have my dream job of staying at home with my two beautiful daughters. I've been happily married for 6 years and counting! I am a lover of all things french, all things pink, and anything that sparkles. Serioulsy, my husband calls me a crow. I love baking, crafting and throwing big parties, especially if they have a theme. Right now, I'm in love Pinterest. My Hero is Heather from Sprinkle Bakes and my mom.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pin it, Make it.

If you're on Pinterest then you already know how addictive it can be.

It's bad people.

Like, Intervention, bad.

But sometimes really great things come out it.
Great meals, genius tips to solve everyday problems, and of course party ideas!

I'm guilty though, of pinning and not doing.

Now I'm going to try and make something at least once a week that I've pinned.

Here's a heart photo prop I made after seeing it on Pinterest.

CLICK HERE To see the original idea

Whether it's a meal, a craft or whatever! I'm just going to do it! 
And on Mondays I'll post what I've done.

If any of you do one thing too, share it with me!

Back to Pinterest!

See you Monday!!


Heath said...

Looking forward to Monday!

KHJ said...

This is fun..... I am excited :D I love when you have new things to tell me about... Its the best