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Monday, March 12, 2012

Living Room Blues

I don't know about you guys, but I'm SOOOOOOOO ready for spring.

Seeing as I live in Alberta, I'm know I'm going to have to wait another 2 months.
That doesn't stop me from feeling the spring vibe!
I want light turquoise pants!
I want to plant a garden!
I want to paint every room in the house!!

Probably can't get away with the first two, but I'm on the hunt for the perfect hue for our open concept living/dining/kitchen area.
The same neutral tan colour is making me feel Blah.

I went to the paint store this afternoon and found a few that I like. I'm pretty much leaning towards 19 different shades of the same pale blue-green colour.
Now I just need to narrow it down to something bright, but not cold, light enough that it will not turn my cabinets a pinky hue, and warm enough that it will still match my existing furniture, drapes, hardwood etc.

Here are the colours I'm 'feelin', in no particular order:
1. Titanium, 2141-60, Benjamin Moore

2. Crystalline, AF-485, Aura 

3. Moonshine, 2140-60, BM
4. Green Tint, 2139-60, BM
5. Stonington Gray, HC-170, BM

 This a old pic of the dining area, but the colour is still the same, Wilmington Tan from BM.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears!!


The Radke's said...

If you want to know what Stonington Gray looks like, that is what is in Sam's room. I will call you tomorrow. Promise.

Heath said...

I like the grey-blue! Thanks for making commenting easier!

Ali said...

I think I'm in love with a can of paint I found while cleaning out my craft room. Its rainwater by Martha Stewart. Turns out its blend of all the above mentioned colors. Next step, Cloverdale!!