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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Second Annual Birthday Theme Contest

Hi all!

It's that time of year again!!

I'm already making plans for my birthday.

Yes, it is still 3 months away.

Yes, I plan my own birthday party.

And yes, the winner will receive a prize.

This years party is on a Saturday night! Yay! Much better than a Tuesday, right?!

I've been searching and searching for themes and ideas for this years shindig and having no luck!

The problem is I want to have a co-ed party, but I'm always thinking that the men hate dressing up or doing costumes etc etc.

Sucks to be them ;)

I'm also looking into Derby themes but not a whole lot is coming up other than the Kentucky Derby. We have track about 20 min away, which is doable...Limo ride..??

What do you guys think??

As far as prizes go...Lets see...

For the person whose idea/theme I pick will receive a $10.00 Shutterfly gift card.

Try to include as much detail as possible to your suggestions:)

It will be hard to top it!

But this is my 8 year anniversary of my 21st birthday after all.

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The Radke's said...

Was drawing a blank for a while (actually still am), but just got the idea from House of Smith for a "stepford wives party". I like the idea of the dressing up, but don't know how you would decorate it exactly. Hope you have had some other input on this though.