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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Nine : Heart Wreaths

There are a few household items that I really shouldn't own but do. The following are everyday (for me anyways) items that cause bodily harm to myself and therefore need to be Ali-proofed. 

1) Glue Gun - Top of my list mostly because I JUST burned myself making these cutesy heart wreaths.

2) Any Sharp thing- I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

3) Stacking Washer/Dyer  - This is really only on the list because of my height. At an impressive 5 ft. I manage to walk into the dryer door almost every time I'm in the laundry room. This could also be because I leave the dryer door open . . . 

But I digress. Back to burning myself on the glue gun.

I was planning on doing this craft this afternoon with Venice while Giselle slept, but her Nana and Papa came and got her for a playdate, YAY Grandparents!! Good thing too, cause I'm tough and can handle a glue gun burn, but that little peanut has a few more crafting days until she develops the dragon calluses of a seasoned crafter. 

I digress again! Enough rambling you say, on with the show!


Cut out the center of a paper plate. 

Cut out a buh-zillion paper hearts of all different sizes and colors. I used many tones and textures from the same color family. I like the monochromatic look. 

Glue gun (caaaarrreeeeffuuuulllllyyyy) all your hearts on to the paper plate rim.  
PS. Did you know that there are glitter glue gun sticks ? !  GLITTER,  PEOPLE ! ! I thought about the fact that no one will see the glitter AFTER I bought them. But I'll know. And know you'll know. 

Glue till your heart is content. And remember,  More is More!

I made one for Venice, using all pinks and I added some fabric covered brads to send her a little message from her Mamma.

Here's the finished project, hanging on my peanuts door.
I can't wait for her to come home! 

I was on a roll so I did 2 more for my front entry closet doors. I used my accent color.

Now if you like these, then I made them. If you think they look like a child made them then Venice made them and you can ignore my story earlier about her being gone, OK? OK!

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Christie said...

BAHAH you are hilarious!! Thanks for awesome commentary! back to work!

You better have a heart punch for all those! Remember the box you made for me and filled with oatmeal raisen cookies? I still have it..its adorable!

PS damn front loading washer and dryers!! LOL

..ok now for real ...back to work..