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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paper Flower Valentines and a Missing Charger.

Not that that title leaves much to the imagination, but just so we're clear people, I'm missing my camera charger, not a car.

This is the main reason why my post has been so late, and we went tobogganing. But mostly I've been searching the house high and low for my battery charger. I know as soon as I go out and buy a new one, I'll find it.

I feel as though this post is going to be somewhat of a letdown, good thing it's not the final one! I'm basically going to give you the link to see Martha's version of what I made, it was her idea originally, but I think I made a way easier way.

What you need to make Paper Flower Valentines for someone you love:

Any color of paper, I like red and red glitter paper
Heart paper punch (optional)
Some pretty brads. . .

Yes, these are pretty Brads, but I'm talking crafting brads ladies! FOCUS!

Cut out your hearts, keep them all the same size, which is why a paper punch is nice, and write a word on each or a few words, like your favorite quote, or even little love coupons, such as good for one free back rub etc.

I did 6 small hearts, one word on each, that say "I'll follow you into the dark" from one of my favorite love songs.

Poke the brad through the point of each, starting with the first word first. Spread out the brad tines so they secure the hearts and they don't slid off.

Bend the paper hearts just slightly in half so they resemble the petals of a flower.

And you're done!

I am really sorry I have no pictures, but Martha has some cute pictures that will give you an idea of what they look like. These are a really awesome kids craft too. And they are really easy to do up all fancy like if you're giving them to a certain special someone. 

And just because this post kinda bit the big one, tomorrow's is going to be show stopping. . . Or is it blog stopping?

I am going out to buy a charger. Now.

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