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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clouds of Chocolate! Day 8 Baby!

If you're here reading this you must be hard-core Valentiners! We've passed the half way mark and are on the down hill! That means I need to amp up the love right? Well these little puppies should do the trick!
Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Cloud Cookies! 
That's a mouthful! (literally too, I totally snuck one from myself)

Once again, easy recipes prevail in my house, no need getting all fancy-smancy when there is a time crunch!

What you need:
1 tube of cookie dough
1 tub of cool-whip (I know you all said that in your head again, pronouncing the H) Thawed.
1 1/2 cups of semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips, depending on your preference.
1/4 cup Milk
Garnish of your choice.

What'd I tell ya, easy-peasy!

I tend to use every dish in my kitchen, even to make the simplest things. Spoon total in this recipe : 5. FIVE. Why? I don't know! I was looking back at the wake of my destructive-ness and counted 5 dirty spoons! How is this even possible? There's only like, 4 ingredients. 

Here's my first spoon. Spoon out a tablespoon into your muffin papers or into a greased muffin tin. bake for 10-12 minutes at 350.

Second spoon. Melting your chocolate chips and milk in the microwave for 30 second. Stirring until smooth. Set aside for 20 min until room temp. 

Post-oven. So golden, yummm.

There are aspects of life that I enjoy, such as the gratifying feeling after vacuuming as dirty floor. There are other that I don't like. Such as folding. Nothing awesome has ever happened to me while I was folding something. Laundry, ick. Folding cool-whip into melted chocolate, double ick. It is actually quite the work out! Honestly I felt like I had just finished some Tae-Bo moves! (Which is perfect for how much 'tasting' I did) 
  With that said, fold (ugh) half of the cool-whip into the melted chocolate mixture. When combined, fold (yep, more folding) the remaining cool-whip. 
I think there was another spoon or 2 used in this step.

Pipe or spoon your filling onto your baked cookies! I piped mine because they are going to our Friendship Factor Valentine's Brunch and I wanted them to look pretty.

I love this little micro heart (generously donated by Stacey from I Wish I Was Martha) that landed right on the top.

This is one of those awesome desserts that are so simple, but look difficult. These little bites are rich, smooth, crunchy and chewy all in one. You can't beat that!


The Alexanders said...

they look WONDERFUL!!! And that little guy right on top is priceless!!!

Heath said...

Stacy, trust your photographer's eye to notice that one wee heart in the sunshine!
As always Ali, looks amazing, and as always, I adore from afar!
BTW, you come by using every utensil in the kitchen honestly. Both your grandmas were of the mindset, "I need to use a new spoon, or bowl for every step of this recipe!"

The Alexanders said...

I am just peeking back at this one again because you still have not posted for today...whats the hold up! Also how many cupcake liners do you have on that last pic? I love it! And also I think we may need to do another collaborative project!