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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ladybug Birthday Party!

Hi! Long time hey? I have to admit that the 14 days in a row really played me out! So I had a little hiatus  to plan for my little bug, Giselle's first birthday party!
It all started with an Oreo truffle from I Wish I Was Martha! Dang you Stacey and your cream cheese deliciousness!!! 

All lady-bugged-up!

I just love these colors together.

Hattrick Designs Etsy shop supplied all my lady bug printables, including the favor tags, water bottle labels and the adorable banner!

The kids treat bags.

My attempt at a mini-ladybug cake with marshmallow fondant.

Hattrick Designs water bottle labels. Check out the nutritional value!

The treat table!

The birthday girl!! Black & red tutu also from Hattrick Designs Etsy shop! Love it!

Giselle with GG!

My little dolly niece, Olivia.

Venice and her BFF Lexie. 

Frozen banana pops, dipped in chocolate and nutella.

Instead of cupcakes, I thought I'd try my hand at cake pops. Turns out they are not as easy as they look, and were extremely frustrating to decorate. Maybe it was the sprinkles or maybe it was the gel icing that never set up, but either way, I'm sticking to cupcakes.

She was VERY excited about the candle!

First bite!


Into the sink to clean up and on to the presents!

We had such a good afternoon playing with all our friends and having yummy treats! I can't believe how fast that year went by, but I'm excited for the year to come. Giselle was showing us how old she was by taking a few steps today.
I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!


Robert said...
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Robert said...

Ali, you are something else. So neat and creative. Talk about blessed children. Two great parents. Keep the blogs coming. Ali you have been an inspiration for me, I've try a few creative things myself. Coco

The Alexanders said...

Awesome post! I am so sad we were unable to make it, and your cake-pops look stunning!!!

Heath said...

Everything was so cute (as a bug)! Great job on everything especially the ladybug cake!!
What a great Mom!

karyn said...

Way to go girlie! You are so creative. I love checking out all the great stuff you're doing. And that cake is amazing. If you were closer I'd hire you to do Liam's in June! You are such an amazing mom. :)

Mommy S. said...

AMAZING cake! Everything is amazing! You have a real should do this for a living! :)

-Rachel in Taiwan