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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did I hear that right? 5 minutes you say?

    Welcome back, fellow lovers of Love month! It's with mixed emotions that I will share day five's simple recipe. As it brings not only joy to my heart, but also destruction to my hips, depending on my level of self control. 
    5 Minute Chocolate Cake. Yep, I said it . FIVE . MINUTES . 
    I'm wondering who the post-break up, genius woman is(Oh come on! you were all thinking it! Of course it was a woman who was just dumped and looked like to much a mess to go out and buy a pint of Hagen-Daaz.) who thought up this little gem, but she deserves something BIG ! 
    All you need to make 5 Minute Chocolate Cake is:
    1 Large coffee Mug
    4 tablespoons all purpose flour
    4 tablespoons sugar
    2 tablespoons cocoa
    1 egg
    3 tablespoons milk
    3 tablespoons oil
    3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
    Small splash of vanilla
    Cool whip if you want
    Your choice of berries 
    Mix everything in your mug together, starting with liquids and egg, then add in dry ingredients. 
    Mix until smooth.
    Mmmmmmm, Smoothness.

Take note of the dribbles of delight . . . I'm THE messiest cook around. And I'm OK with that.

 Place in Microwave for 3 minutes * on high.

*Now just a little side note here, I don't know what Mad-scientist wattage my microwave is, but it only took 2 minutes. Popcorn takes exactly 1 minute, 43 second. We've had a looooooooot of burnt popcorn, we got this baby down to a science.
So maybe watch it for the first time around, just incase.*

I made mine this lazy Saturday afternoon, thinking it would be a perfect little snack to share with my little peanut, who is still feeling under the weather (longest cold ever!) Well it's not . It's huge! I took a peek in the microwave 2 minutes in, only to find it crawling to the glass to meet me.

Exibit A: 

This was a near disaster.

The end result, all prettied up!

Chocolate cures everything! Look at that smile!

My one regret with posting this is that you will all hate me. Please don't hate me :)

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Christie said...

haha too cute! Love the idea..and YES we all definately hate you! (for many reasons...and YES that is a compliment..) LOL Awesome commenary!

Hope Venice is feeling better soon! ...dumb ars winter colds!!