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Sunday, February 6, 2011

(Love) For the Birds

So, I'm not sure if I get twitter. I tried it for a week or so, and even had one of my favourite bloggers follow me. I think if all your friends are on it, then it's maybe pretty neat  
( how old am I ? Seriously,  ' neat ' ? ) .  
But Since I was the only one doing it, in my circle anyways, I decided it's for the birds.
PAUSE . . . 
Did you all catch what I did there? I referenced 'tweeting' being for the birds as well as making an awesome transition into my post!  Did ya ?  Did ya catch that ?
Yeah you probably did, you're all so clever.

OK, heart shaped popcorn and cranberry bird feeders! How cute is that ? !

Here's what you need:
Ribbon for tying
popped popcorn
dried cranberries
wire - I'd like to point out that you can use floral wire or really any gauge as long as it can hold its shape while being hung by ribbon. The lucky girl I am got use rusty re-bar tie wire from the garage. 

Roughly shape your wire into a heart, or whatever shape you want, I really don't think the birds will care.
Start threading your popcorn and/or cranberries!
Thats it. How great for an afternoon craft for the kids?!

Look at her focus! A true crafter at heart.

One of my Loves.

For the birds.

I really wanted to wait until a bird came and started feasting on the hearts before I posted a pic of them, but Ben informed me that you kinda have to train birds, so they know that there's going to be food there in the winter.  Yeah, I just kinda wanted a picture of a bird to show that they work. Why is this so difficult?

That's all for today, as the SuperBowl is on soon. Not that I'm really into sports at all, but I love the commercials and the new Glee is on after.
Happy Day 6!


Heath said...

What a great craft for Venice to do! What I really
Want to say is neat-o. Feel young again?

The Alexanders said...

SOOO freaking cute! I am going to pin it for when the boys get older!!!