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Friday, February 11, 2011

Scrub Me Tender.

I'm terrible at math. Did any of you know that? Yeah, so when I made up my list of all the things I wanted to make for my Valentine's count down, some how I miss counted and ended up with only 13. Now, I knew I was bad at math, like say fractions, but counting?! Not to mention counting to 14!!!  wow.
So as of yesterday I was scrambling like mad to think up something cute and easy, with stuff I had at home to make for today's post. I just couldn't let my followers down! 
What I came up with was a party favor I had made for my dear Christie's baby shower. A sugar scrub! Now, to make it perfect for Valentines....HHMMMMM. Chocolate and sugar scrub?! Maybe?

Here's what you need:
Coconut oil

Now the measurements are not an exact science, here people. I used probably a 1 cup of oil to 1 1/2 - 2 cups of sugar... Now, you remember who is telling you this, right? The girl that can't count to 14. So take those measurements with a grain of sugar OK?

Really I just kind of mixed oil and sugar together until it resembled a thick, grainy, paste. Then just give a little splash of vanilla, and dump in the cocoa. As much as you want, to make it as chocolaty as you want.

Place in a jar that seals, any kind with a lid will do, just to keep out the moisture from the shower. I just happened to come across a super cutie, old fashioned jar at our local Sally Ann for a sweet $ 0 . 59 !

Have a nice hot shower and scrub away winter with chocolate!
Happy Day 11!

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