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Monday, February 7, 2011

Half Way There! Sparkly Oreo Suckers

One week today today people!! Can you believe I've actually stuck to something this long? I can't. I'm what I like to call a 'Quitter'. It's amazing that I've kept blogging even. Thanks to everyone who encourages me daily by becoming a follower and leaving me comments. I heart your comments. Seriously, they make my day!

I'm thinking that maybe when I reach 20 followers I might try and do a giveaway of some sorts. Spread the news people, Free swag (that's souvenirs, wearables and gifts, for the lay person). I'll see what I can come up with, and you see who you can rope into following, deal? Deal!

Venice has a small pre-school class of 12. I'm hoping it's 12 or I'm in trouble! It seems like a small enough number to make homemade valentines. I perused a few website to check out some kid crafts and treats and found a few really cute ones, but a lot of them required things I'd have to go out and buy. I like using things I already have. I had made Oreo suckers from How Does She, last Easter for Venice's friends. They were easy and I had sucker sticks left over from last time so Chocolate Dipped Oreo Suckers made the cut!

All the instructions are at the link above, so I'm saving some typing ;)

My little beauties basking in the sun.

My peanut eating the sprinkles I've spilt on the counter (there was quite a few).

Blooming suckers!

I heart sprinkles.  And sparkles.

 Getting them all wrapped up and labeled.


7 more days until THE day! What does everyone have planned? We're going out for a 5 course dinner that starts at 8 pm . . . I'm going to need my stretchy pants and a pillow!


Heath said...

What are we doing for valentines day?? What every grandparent does on February 15th.... Babysit their grandkids!!!

Heath said...

Haha you know I mean the 14th!!!

The Alexanders said...

Super cute...I heart sprinkles and sparkles too!